Attendance Driving

Attendance Driving for Events

Attendance Driving for Events

Attendance Driving

Attendance driving starts by evolving your strategies to keep up with event attendees’ ever-changing needs, values and priorities. You can creatively increase attendance and your attendees’ overall sense of belonging by working with a Destination Organization to identify unique experiences that participants can only get at your event in that destination.

High-Level Strategies to Drive Attendance
  • Work with the Destination Organization to provide opportunities for attendees to engage with the local community around causes that are important to them, creating long-term impact and leaving attendees with a sense of deeper value.
  • Work with the Destination Organization to creatively connect your attendees with content that ensures they leave with a sense of fulfillment and return to the event in future years. Include compelling topics that meet their industry needs, intentional spaces that encourage engagement and active participation, and a format that allows participants to feel like they are in control of their learning and maximizes the value of their time.
  • Work with the Destination Organization to build planned and organic networking into your event space to allow participants to connect and get the most out of their experience.
  • Articulate your event goals to the attendee and then work with the Destination Organization to report back on their individual impact on the goals. 
  • Work with the Destination Organization to maximize the marketing media assets and reach. Tell the story of the partnership between the event and the destination to engage both existing attendees and potential attendees. 
3 Ways CVBs Drive Attendance
  • As partners in planning, CVBs serve as advocates for planning an event tailored to your business strategy and vision. Utilize their expertise to enhance, impact and differentiate your meeting to drive attendance.
  • As an expert resource on their destination, a CVB can serve as an extension of your planning team. They can provide opportunities for personalization and ways to incorporate the unique attributes and spirit of the destination into your meeting or event, giving the attendees a deeper sense of community and purpose.
  • CVBs are the truest destination influencers when it comes to their city. With their guided expertise, you can tap into their list of connections to drive local engagement and plan purpose-driven experiences for your event and build excitement about the destination, driving the desire to attend.
Attendance Driving + the RFP of the Future
  • The RFP takes a new shape as a more inclusive tool that focuses on the needs of the event and attendees. 
  • Attendance driving starts by showing intent from the beginning of the RFP — inquiring about a destination's sustainability, EDI, intellectual capital and opportunities.
Benefits of Behavioral Profiling 
Behavioral profiling unlocks insights for Event Strategists and CVBs to help them create an interactive, experiential and welcoming event:

  • Causes the Event Strategist and CVB to think about what drives attendance for each event.
  • Aligns attendee ‘out & about’ needs and expectations with the destination assets.
  • Educates the group on the amenities, benefits and industries unique to the destination.
  • Helps focus on CVB services and destination experiences that can be provided or created.
  • Enhances the dialogue for both sides to partner together for mutual success: a highly attended event that leaves a positive impression on all participants.
  • Provide historical attendee data that can support the Event Strategist in cultivating local partnerships that can offset costs and enhance experiences.

Case Studies
  Learn how destinations prioritize key initiatives to show business Event Strategists maximum value during the planning process.

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