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Through access to a wide network of people, ideas, products and services, membership in Destinations International provides the resources needed to fuel success and effectively grow organizations and their teams.


Destinations International is about serving destination organization profes...

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Come Together, Learn TogetherWith ongoing educational opportunities offered...

We are about serving destination marketing and management professionals first and foremost. We represent a powerful forward-thinking, collaborative association: exchanging bold ideas, connecting innovative people, and elevating tourism to its highest potential.

Destinations International is the world’s largest association of destination organizations with over 700 member organizations including more than 7,500 destination professionals from 26 countries & territories around the globe.

Value Proposition

Destinations International Value Proposition

Whether its connecting with peers, finding the latest industry research or taking advantage of continuous learning, Destinations International members have a variety of ways to further their industry knowledge, which in turn, elevates tourism to its highest potential.

Members of All Sizes

Benefits extend to all staff of a member organization

  • 73%
    Budget of less than $5 million
  • 17%
    Budget of $5-15 million
  • 10%
    Budget of greater than $15 million

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Membership Options

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Membership Dues

United States Dues

Organization Budget Dues Amount
Less than US$150,000 US$653
US$150,001 - US$250,000 US$979
US$250,001 - US$500,000 US$1,418
US$500,001 - US$1,000,000 US$1,632
US$1,000,001 - US$2,000,000 US$3,254
US$2,000,001 - US$3,000,000 US$4,876
US$3,000,001 - US$5,000,000 US$7,150
US$5,000,001 - US$10,000,000 US$9,751
US$10,000,001 - US$15,000,000 US$12,454
US$15,000,001 - US$20,000,000 US$15,698
US$20,000,001 - US$30,000,000 US$21,114
US$30,000,001 - US$50,000,000 US$27,061
US$50,000,001 - US$100,000,000 US$35,190
Greater than US$100,000,000 US$43,299

Canadian Dues

Organization Budget
Dues Amount

< US$150,000

US$150,001 - US$250,000 US$735
US$250,001 - US$500,000 US$1,060
US$500,001 - US$1,000,000 US$1,224
US$1,000,001 - US$2,000,000 US$2,448
US$2,000,001 - US$3,000,000 US$3,662
US$3,000,001 - US$5,000,000 US$5,355
US$5,000,001 - US$10,000,000 US$7,313
US$10,000,001 - US$15,000,000 US$9,343
US$15,000,001 - US$20,000,000 US$11,781
US$20,000,001 - US$30,000,000 US$15,830
US$30,000,001 - US$50,000,000 US$20,298
US$50,000,001 - US$100,000,000 US$26,398
US$100,000,001+ US$32,477