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Why is it important?

With nearly 300 destination organizations using the tool, the Event Impact Calculator has been established as an industry standard with over 500,000 events analyzed. The models and platform have been developed by Tourism Economics, an Oxford Economics Company.

With minimal user inputs, destination organizations and CVBs can produce impact analysis based on the latest survey and economic data available.
Each destination organization and CVB receives access to a model that is uniquely developed for their destination.
The calculator measures the direct impacts of events on businesses, employment, income and taxes.

Case Studies

Take a look at some of the ways the EIC subscribers are using the tool to enhance their destinations and attract new avenues of funding and support.

How Raleigh used the Event Impact Calculator in strategic plan implementation and partner engagement efforts.
The EIC helped Green Bay calculate the reduced economic impact of a socially-distant Green Bay Packers playoff game.
Tampa Bay used EIC to show how event organizers can use EIC data in demonstrating the value of their work.
Richmond built an event verification form to obtain a more accurate economic impact calculation.
The Bloomington CVB used the EIC to obtain a state grant of US$60,000 in support of bringing in a major sporting event.

Subscription Rates

Annual fees for licensing one or more modules follow the rate structure below, based on the organization's annual operating budget.

Local and Public Events module pricing is based on the rentable square footage of the destination's convention center. View LPE module pricing.

Americas Pricing* Europe Pricing

Organization Budget Annual License Fee
Meetings Sports Festivals Meetings + 1 Module All Three Modules
Less than US$1M $2,512 $1,992 $1,992 $3,376 $5,380
US$1M - US$2.99M $2,817 $2,241 $2,241 $3,798 $6,053
US$3M - US$5.99M $4,325 $3,140 $3,140 $5,845 $8,545
US$6M - US$9.99M $6,275 $3,785 $3,785 $8,110 $11,250
US$10M - US$14.99M $8,110 $4,325 $4,325 $10,600 $14,385
US$15M - US$19.99M $8,921 $4,758 $4,758 $11,660 $15,824
Above US$20M $9,732 $5,190 $5,190 $12,720 $17,262
Organization Budget Annual License Fee
Meetings Sports Festivals Meetings + 1 Module All Three Modules
Less than €1 million €2,503 €1,985 €1,985 €3,365 €5,362
€1 million-€2.99 million €2,807 €2,233 €2,233 €3,785 €6,032
€3 million-€5.99 million €4,325 €3,129 €3,129 €5,825 €8,516
€6 million-€9.99 million €6,254 €3,772 €3,772 €8,083 €11,212
€10 million-€14.99 million €8,083 €4,310 €4,310 €10,564 €14,336
€15 million-€19.99 million €8,861 €4,742 €4,742 €11,620 €15,770
above €20 million €9,699 €5,172 €5,172 €12,677 €17,204

* EIC modules in the Americas are currently available in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Colombia.

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Why use the Event Impact Calculator?

Natalie Jamieson headshot
"I'm not sure there's a press release or statement made when we don't include a group's economic impact to convey the value to our community! Hotel room nights are just one piece of the pie and the EIC allows us to convey the total value of an event to our stakeholders, in terms everyone can understand."
Natalie Jamieson
Director of Destination & Business Intelligence
Visit Baltimore


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