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Empowering our members so their destinations excel

Destinations International is about serving destination marketing and management professionals first and foremost. Together with our members and partners, Destinations International represents a powerful forward-thinking, collaborative association: exchanging bold ideas, connecting innovative people, and elevating tourism to its highest potential.

What Drives Us

Our members are essential to the success of destinations worldwide.
We empower our members so that their destinations excel.
We inform, connect, inspire and educate our members to drive destination economic impact, job creation, community sustainability and quality of life through travel.

Four Cornerstones of Destinations International

Destinations International fosters a strong, global community of professionals and promotes the exchange of information, knowledge and best practices.
Destinations International uses our collective voice to elevate and advance the mission, goals and efforts of destination organizations.
Destinations International adds to the existing base of industry knowledge, deepens our understanding of issues, introduces new ideas and serves as a community-wide platform to pose and answer questions.
Destinations International is our industry's primary source of professional development for both individuals and organizations.

2022 Strategic Goals

  • Develop a more robust member and partner engagement strategy: Through listening, appreciating differences, and finding common ground, we will improve, expand, and create greater value in the ongoing engagement between our members and our team, our members and their peers, and our members and industry partners.​
  • Extend the reach of our industry advocacy, awareness and research: As the trade association for destination organizations, we will lead the effort to raise the profile of both our industry and our individual members, create tools to assist our members in doing the same, and develop a body of work that explains, showcases, and makes the case for the importance of our industry and our members.​
  • Enhance our content and professional development offerings: As the definitive resource for industry content, professional development, and career advancement for the destination organization community, we will enhance our offerings, expand our delivery platforms, redesign many of our current platforms, and enrich our content. To maximize the impact of our education efforts, we will increase our integrated content approach across all Destinations International’s delivery channels to meet our member’s needs, industry requests, and our business objectives.​
  • Heighten our organizational resilience and responsiveness: As we continue to rebound from one of the most challenging moments in our history, Destinations International will continue to heighten the resilience and responsiveness of the organization. We will continue to build the attitudes, beliefs, agility, and structures into our DNA that enables us to not just fully recover from in impact of the global pandemic and economic recession but propel ourselves to new heights for the benefit of our members, partners, and our industry.​
  • Tackle our industry strategic issues through the development of relevant content, education, solutions and tools: Our industry strategic issues represent significant global problems and opportunities that impact the direction of our industry and the success of our members. Each one of these issues are addressed in all our activities, programs, and solutions developed in the areas represented by our cornerstones.​
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Destinations International welcomes the opportunity to speak at industry events. Please let us know more about your event and the topics that you would like covered by a member of our team.

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