Compensation & Benefits Reporting Platform

The Compensation and Benefits Reporting Platform is an online tool that allows destination organizations to input their current salary and benefits structure and compare their practices with peer destinations across the country.


Analyze by Comp Set
View and analyze compensation and benefits practices of destination organizations by size, geography, department and position.


Explore Trends
Explore compensation trends specific to the industry, including insurance and benefits, to help your organization make crucial human capital decisions.


Complimentary for Members
Usage of the tool is complimentary for members of Destinations International that submit their data to the platform. The only investment is your time.

Login is restricted to members and contacts whom have been given access to enter on behalf of their destination organization. Please email us to apply for access for your organization.

Top Features

  1. Enter and analyze data year-round. You do not have to wait for collection periods and/or periodic study releases in order to view and create new reports.
  2. The platform has recently added new sections and KPIs, including diversity & inclusion, reworked positions and performance entries and destination benefits and departmental performance sections.
  3. Create and download your own comparative sets, peer groups, charts and graphs.

About The Author

Andreas Weissenborn

Vice President of Research and Advocacy
Destinations International

Introduced to the world of destination organizations by a random internship application to Visit Baltimore (then known as Baltimore Area Convention & Visitors Association), Andreas Weissenborn began an unexpected career into hospitality that left him with a continued passion towards the tourism industry.

Weissenborn spent just short of 11 years with Visit Baltimore helping with its Research, Technology, and Information Systems across the organization. In 2017, he joined the Association on behalf of a Destinations International Foundation initiative to be a dedicated research source for Destinations International.

As part of his responsibilities, include supporting our core advocacy and research initiatives such as the community shared value, the tourism lexicon, the event impact calculator, and various reporting platforms, and our belief of destination promotion being a common good for the greater good.

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