Value Driver: Destination Influencer


Destination Organizations are well-versed in their destination's attributes and work with planners to tie a location's independent spirit into their events.

As indispensable partners in the planning process, Destination Organizations help drive value to meetings or conferences in various ways. They are the truest of destination influencers when it comes to knowing their city and providing guided expertise on where to book and what to do in their destination. They have a list of connections and are the ultimate go-to for business event strategists seeking purpose-driven opportunities for their groups.

As the official marketing organizations and experts of all things related to the destination, Destination Organizations have a tremendous influence on the “state of the meeting” and can facilitate local components into events for attendees to truly feel welcomed in the city. The event organizer’s ability to easily tap into all the destination has to offer in terms of meeting support and attendee experience options will directly influence their capacity to enhance, impact and differentiate their meeting, ultimately driving the desire to attend. Destination Organizations can add value by helping organizers understand if there are demand factors in the city that will impact utilization of the venue, room block and other experiences.

Destination Organizations work with business event strategists to:

  • Educate the group on the amenities, benefits and industries unique to the destination
  • Align their specific group’s ‘out & about” needs/expectations with what the destination offers
  • Offer specific services and destination experiences
  • Provide opportunities for personalization and ways to incorporate the unique attributes and spirit of the destination into a meeting or event