Destination Promotion: A Catalyst for Community Vitality

DI's landmark study, Destination Promotion: An Engine of Economic Development, confirmed that destinations with substantial visitor economies tend to outperform their peers, making destination promotion a true engine of economic development. Ten years later, we update and expand this research to demonstrate the far-reaching positive impacts of destination promotion, extending beyond the tourism industry to benefit the entire community. 

Using in-depth examples from ten North American destinations, this new research reveals how investing in destination promotion acts as a catalyst for broader economic development, improved quality of life, and a stronger sense of place. The dividends of destination promotion extend far beyond the benefits accruing to visitor-related industries and their supplier and have proven to positively influence the quality of life and overall well-being of a community. Furthermore, the report finds that a sound destination brand can be leveraged across the community’s economic development spectrum. All of this is a catalyst for attracting talent, supporting general government services, and growing the whole economy of a community.

Tourism Economics, Longwoods International, Clarity of Place, and MMGY Global NextFactor prepared the report. The report features case studies of the following destinations: Champaign, IL; Chattanooga, TN; Fort Myers, FL; Great Lakes, MI; Houston, TX; Mesa, AZ; Ottawa, ON; Puerto Rico; Seattle, WA; and Victoria, BC.