Alex Wirth presenting on stage at the 2018 Advocacy Summit

Advocating for travel, the importance of destination organizations and their work in their local communities

In an era of declining public support and increased need for transparency, it is more essential than ever for destination organizations to make an emotional and value-based appeal, supporting their message of ROI with the case for how their organization supports the people of the community with new opportunities for work, economic development and public services.

Our advocacy team has put together resources to help destinations pivot their stakeholder messaging to one centered around the organization's true customer: the resident. Take a look at videos, case studies, lexicons and more information that will help you communicate the value of your organization to your entire community.

The Tourism Lexicon

Words matter in politics, and they need to be chosen carefully to carry an emotional connection to people’s values and the values of our industry. Download the international lexicons today.

Resource Hub
We believe in the many benefits of travel and tourism as well as the resilience of our industry. Education and preparation are key to the safety and security of public health during this pandemic.

Advocacy Briefs

Download the latest policy briefs and threat analyses exploring critical and timely topics directly affecting travel and destination organizations.

Browse the full collection of advocacy resources including research, case studies, and links.
Destinations International staff and collaborators share perspectives on timely topics in advocacy.
A podcast for advocates in the tourism sector and the stories of tackling the biggest issues in the industry.

Discuss on the Online Community

Connect with professionals from across the industry. Find users from your region or job title or join a discussion group to discuss how you can advocate for yourself in your community..
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