Client Vision Advocate

As partners in the planning process, CVBs serve as advocates for your business event strategy.

Often, business event strategists have the vision but need assistance with efficiently or effectively giving it life.


Visionaries in their own right, CVB members are organized to benefit you. In any community, they are tasked with representing their partners, providing information, arranging logistics and offering support. The team members are time savers, dot connectors, heavy lifters (some literally) and actualizers.


Help CVBs Help You

As the designated guides and experts of the destination, one of the roles and functions of a CVB is to serve as an advocate in planning an event tailored to your business strategy and vision.


With this, it takes the reciprocity of business event strategists and the organizations to bring your vision to life.


  • Be clear and pointed on their vision, budget, priorities, protocols, event size and space requirements for the event.
  • Communicate expectations and flexibility.
  • Take advantage of what CVBs offer — including expertise and insider knowledge, leverage their local connections and partnerships, and gain insights with helpful resources and attendance-building tools that align with the event strategy.


The event organizer’s ability to easily tap into all the destination has to offer in terms of meeting support and attendee experience options will directly influence their capacity to enhance, impact and differentiate their meeting, ultimately driving the desire to attend.


If you begin your efforts with a knowledgeable strategic partner, think of how much time and money will be saved. There are many moving parts when it comes to planning and executing a meaningful and memorable event. Why would one not reach out first to the experts of the destination?

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