Destination Organizations Build Stronger Communities


Together we create a ripple effect.

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Destination organizations attract visitors to our communities. Visitors spend millions of dollars, generating tax revenue, putting people to work, and helping our economy recover from the impact of Covid.

We are a vital driver of the visitor economy and support the tourism sector in our destination.

But destination organizations have an impact that goes far beyond filling hotels.

Destination organizations create a ripple effect that make our communities more vibrant, dynamic, diverse, and fun places to work, visit, and live.

Your Destination Organization at Work

  • Bringing in skilled workers
  • Attracting Corporate Investment
  • Increasing Tax Revenues
  • Generating Revenues for schools, roads, and public services
  • Driving diversity and inclusivity
  • Creating more competitive schools and universities
  • Facilitating sustainable growth
  • Promoting the destination to a global audience

Awareness Toolkits

Destination organizations must do a better job communicating the important work they do in their community. Too often, residents, elected officials, the business community and others fail to understand the multifaceted impact of destination organizations’ work in their community.

Together, we have to be more proactive in talking about our good work. To begin, we need to educate our audiences about what a destination organization is in the first place, then explore all the different ways you impact your community.

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Destination Organizations Drive Economic Recovery
An investment in your destination organization fuels economic activity in your community. Destination promotion is a crucial step in bringing back our travel and hospitality sector - and imperative for the economic recovery of the whole destination. Check back soon for Canadian versions of these toolkits!
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Destination Organizations Fund Community Facilities and Services
Successful destination organizations harness the visitor economy to raise capital for needed community facilities and services. Some destinations create dedicated funds for these projects through tourism improvement districts or other special-purpose funds. These projects ensure that visitors have a lasting impact in the destination and leads to the development of new assets, improving the quality of life of residents and attracting additional visitors.