Festivals & Cultural Events Module

The Festivals & Cultural Events Module provides localized metrics on the value of festivals and cultural events to make the case for the ongoing development of the festivals sector.

A festival or cultural event is a celebration that focuses upon a theme and may run for hours to weeks. The module allows users to estimate the number of overnight and day visits with just attendance numbers and a general idea of the geographic draw of the event.

Five festival & cultural event types are available:

  1. Performing Arts: a festival that can encompass a wide range of performing art genres including music, dance, etc.
  2. Visual Arts: a festival that can encompass a wide range of visual art genres including crafts, fine art, etc.
  3. Film/Awards Ceremonies: a festival that revolves around films or an award ceremony.
  4. Food & Drink: an event celebrating food or drink.
  5. Other Cultural Events: any festival or cultural event that is not classified above. 

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Festivals Module

Why Use the Event Calculator?

LINDA RYAN "The EIC has inspired such confidence among our stakeholders, our contract with the City now specifically requires the use of the Event Impact Calculator in determining the direct spend impact for our meetings and events industry. The level of expertise brought into the adaptation of the calculator ensures that moving forward, we continuously provide the most accurate direct spend and economic impact data for our destination. 

Statistical Analysis Manager 
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Elaine Rosquist, CMP

Senior Director of Product Engagement
Destinations International

Elaine leads strategic development of the Event Impact Calculator and related Destinations International products. She works with subscribers and product developers to ensure a great user experience, robust training resources and strong community support.

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