Sports Module

The Sports Module provides localized metrics on the value of events to make the case for the ongoing development of the sports sector.  

Given the variety of sporting events types, the Sports Module allows users to estimate the number of overnight and day visits with three different methods: 1) Direct Entry, 2) Admission-Based, 3) Participant-Based. There is also the option to select if an event is “Elimination Tournament."

Five sporting event types are currently available:

  1. Youth Amateur.
  2. Adult Amateur. 
  3. College: This includes both regular season and post season conference competition.
  4. Professional: This includes both regular season and post season professional competition.
  5. College Championships: This includes sporting events that are one-off events with non-regular participants attracting teams and fans from a multi-state or national region. 

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Sports Module

Why Use the Event Impact Calculator?


"Our partners in tourism look to Choose Chicago for leadership in measuring event value. Working closely with the Destinations International team we have succeeded in the goal of positioning Choose Chicago as a credible and defendable source of economic impact profiling." 

Director/Sr. Economist - Research & Analysis 
Choose Chicago/Chicago Sports Commission


Stephanie Auslander

Advocacy and Data Coordinator
Destinations International

Stephanie is a recent graduate of Johnson & Wales University with a Master’s Degree in Global Tourism and Sustainable Economic Development. Previously, she worked as an Intern with Solimar International assisting Destination Marketing Organizations in formulating Tourism Development strategies for the Samtskhe–Javakheti region in Republic Of Georgia and the Sisian region of Armenia. Additionally, she is the author of a Tourism Research Proposal detailing ways in which Destinations can promote the concept of Sustainability to its consumers for a lasting positive impact. With a background in Tourism Development she is confident in her ability to help Destinations innovate into the future.

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