Local & Public Events Module

Destinations International, International Association of Venue Managers and Tourism Economics have partnered to produce the Local & Public Events Module for the Event Impact Calculator, providing destinations with the tools they need to assess local and public events occurring at a convention center.

What's new?

  • It’s collaborative! Joint system access for CVBs & convention centers.
  • Ability to use floor space to calculate organizer/exhibitor spending.
  • Enter aggregate spending for organizers and exhibitors for the event.
  • Breakout event spending to local and visiting attendees.

Local & Public Events Module Diagram

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Local & Public Events Module for the Event Impact Calculator


Elaine Rosquist, CMP

Senior Director of Product Engagement
Destinations International

Elaine leads strategic development of the Event Impact Calculator and related Destinations International products. She works with subscribers and product developers to ensure a great user experience, robust training resources and strong community support.

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