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Gain perspectives and insights on destinations and how they help communities, provide opportunities and work with residents to support the growth of cities around the world.

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Consider Bryan Grimaldi’s five best practices for lobbying: 1. Be Prepared Time with elected officials and their staff is usually limited and extremely valuable; therefore,...
February 2020

They say that "you're the average of the five people spend the most time with." Although none of us spent time together, I am the...
November 2019

This was an exciting time for our team as we have been fully engaged in our fall summit schedule. These summits provide us with the...
November 2019

It's hard to capture Madison in words. It’s a vibe. A palpable energy pulsing through the city's veins. Each street crackling with personality. It's...
October 2019

For those destinations looking to build community engagement, creating a mutually beneficial partnership with your local economic development leaders can be a powerful tool to...
September 2019


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