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Destinations International’s COVID-19 Update Webinar on March 25, 2020 featured Andreas Weissenborn, who shared results of surveys that Destinations International has been conducting, as well...
April 2020

Need peace of mind, travel inspiration or an uplifting message during these uncertain times? Look no further than Destination Niagara USA. The destination organization shared...
April 2020

With tourism coming to a standstill, many destination organizations have begun launching new initiatives for would-be travelers to experience new places without leaving their couch...
April 2020

ADARA, a travel data and market intelligence company, recently launched a webinar series exploring the impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic called Navigating Uncharted Territory. We...
March 2020

We are all here together, facing a situation that none of us ever planned or even thought about; a global pandemic that is preventing us...
March 2020


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