Special Projects and Features

Compensation and Benefits Study

The Compensation and Benefits Study allows Destinations International members to view and analyze compensation and benefits practices by destination organizations by size, geography, department and position. Access to the study is complimentary for members that have participated in the study.

Destination Organization Reporting Platform

The Destination Organization Reporting Platform allows destination organizations to better understand current organization structures, practices, and trends of fellow organizations.

Weaponization of Travel Study

This research study conducted by APCO is a joint effort by the Foundation and the PCMA Foundation. It explores whether travel boycotts and bans work to effect political change, the long-term damage to a destination's brand, and the life cycle of a boycott.


DestinationNEXT Futures Study

Since launching the groundbreaking DNEXT initiative in 2014, the Foundation-funded report has been shared with industry leaders around the world, and more than 300 destinations from 18 counties have utilized DNEXT to strategically assess their destinations. In 2017, Destinations International updated the report with information from over 400 destination organization experts representing 50 countries covering every continent.