Compensation and Benefits Study

Understand the most current compensation and benefits practices of fellow destination organizations

The Compensation and Benefits Study allows Destinations International members to view and analyze compensation and benefits practices by destination organizations by size, geography, department and position.

Explore compensation trends specific to the destination organization industry, including insurance and benefits comparative information to help your organization make crucial human capital decisions.

This comprehensive study is designed to bring members the information necessary to see compensation trends specific to the destination organization industry, and provide insurance and benefits comparative information organizations can use to assist in making crucial business decisions.  

Throughout the platform, we refer to the term 'Organization'.  This refers to all organizations which are defined as destination organizations and include all convention and visitor bureaus, regional tourism boards, state tourism offices and provincial tourism offices and national tourism boards.

About the Survey

The study examines critical topics such as salary and compensation, retirement plans, healthcare, and insurance practices for budget planning, benefits program evaluations, hiring practices and justifying staff investment to stakeholders.

The most recent study collected information on staffing and benefits, aggregated base salary and compensation information for multiple destination organization job functions, and detailed data on benefits programs.  

Download the full list of questions (.XLSX)
Download the user guide. (PDF)

Study Features

The Compensation and Benefits Study lives on a web-based database, providing members with 24/7 access online to critical industry data.

Take advantage of new reporting features to produce your own PowerPoint, PDF and Excel files. Perform ad-hoc competitive segment analyses to view only comparable organizations.

2019 Collection Coming Soon

The 2019 data collection study will open soon! Destination organization members will receive an email alert when the collection period begins.

Learn how to access and interpret the results with our training & research team


For assistance or more information, please contact our research team:

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