Organization and Financial Profile Study

Understand current organization structures, practices, and trends of fellow destination organizations

The Organizational & Financial Profile Study allows Destinations International members to view and analyze destination organization structures, practices, trends and developments in key areas of interest for the industry.

Take advantage of this unique and invaluable resource to assist in guiding the development, strategies and management of your destination organization.

Data Collection Open

The Organization and Financial Profile is designed to collect destination organization data and give you access to question-by-question comparisons and pre-configured results for benchmarking your performance. 

Get Started

  1. Download the Data Collection Worksheet to help you collect the necessary data ahead of time.
  2. Review the User's Guide.  This document should answer most of your “how to” questions.
  3. Enter data here, using your Destinations International member portal username and password. If your access is denied or need assistance with your login, contact [email protected].
  4. Enter most recently completed financial year data. You may save your data and come back later to complete.

Keep in Mind

  • It is necessary to answer all required questions marked with a red asterisk (*) to gain access to question-by-question comparisons and personalized results when released.
  • Not all questions apply to every organization.  Just answer all questions that apply to your organization to ensure accurate and meaningful results.
  • For survey questions that do not apply to your organization, enter “N/A” where applicable to increase the percentage of questions answered.  The more data you input into the system, the more useful your benchmarking results will be.
  • A currency conversion tool is provided in the survey if needed for your convenience. 

Accessing the Results

After the data collection period has concluded, all oranizations who have answered 50% or more of the required questions will enjoy complimentary access to compare your responses with other organizations, download personalized charts, and use filters to create comparative sets.


A Support Page, accessed via a link in the upper right-hand corner of the platform website is available for frequently asked questions.  If you are still in need of further assistance, please contact us at [email protected].  


For assistance or more information, please contact Andreas Weissenborn, Director of Research and Analytics at [email protected].