Why Give?

A Question and Answer Session with Mary Bramley, Senior Manager of Foundation Development 

I want to invite you to read some of the questions I have received when talking to potential donors.  

Let's start with the hardest question: Why? Why should you give? There are lots of reasons to give. Here are the top three reasons for me. 

First: Impact

Imagine you give to an Annual Convention Scholarship; you’ve just sent someone who may or may not have been able to attend this event, to this event. You have just changed his or her whole career. Or, imagine groundbreaking research with your destination organization’s name as a supporter. You just changed the entire industry. Your impact can be felt from the moment your dollar reaches the Foundation.  

Second: Trust

Destinations International Foundation only spends 18% of its overall budget on administrative cost. That means $0.82 of every dollar goes directly to initiatives. Also, the Foundation supports destinations organizations of all sizes and from locations around the world, as well as destination professionals. You have our trust that over 80% of your dollar is supporting them. We are not spending money on overhead costs but making sure most of your donated dollars are going to work. 

Third: Results

The Foundation has shared groundbreaking research over the last three years and wants to continue changing the industry. This research includes the Weaponization of Travel, New Tourism Lexicon and DestinationNEXT Futures Study, as well as the Compensation and Benefits studies - to name just a few. We have boosted our advocacy efforts by hiring staff to analyze and report on the issues and trends affecting tourism in the political and media spheres. This year, we are hosting our third annual Advocacy Summit, which has experienced 220% growth in attendance since its inaugural year. The Foundation is not stagnant. We thrive on curiosity, encourage innovation and incubate new ideas for future projects.  

What happens when you give?

Your gift is transformed into action for any non-profit that you give to. This is no exception for Destinations International Foundation. When you give, you turn on the Bat Signal. Your gift begins a chain reaction that supports research, scholarships, workforce development or one of the many other important initiatives of the Foundation.  

Why should I or my organization donate to the Destinations International Foundation?

The Destinations International Foundation doesn’t stop working. Over the last six months, we have evaluated past successes, heard to what our members like and what they want and created a three-year road map for the future of the Foundation. This road map focuses on research, advocacy, workforce and professional development and global connections. You have a staff and Foundation Board that is passionate and is committed to working for destination organizations and our industry.  What you will see from the Foundation is commitment, accountably, transparency and results.  If you are interested in learning more about how to support the Destinations International Foundation, please reach out to me at [email protected].

About the Author

Mary Bramley headshot
Mary Bramley
Senior Manager of Foundation Development
Destinations International Foundation
Mary is responsible for building relationships with destination organizations, friends, stakeholders to help support the Foundation. In her former life, she served as Assistant Director of the NOVA Foundation, overseeing all scholarship activity and alumni relations. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering with local non-profits by making casseroles and colleting food for the hungry.