Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Destinations International recognizes and advocates the importance of cultivating a unified travel industry where everyone is welcome, where there is equitable access for all, and to help reshape existing power structures so that systemically marginalized voices and perspectives are heard and valued.

Destinations International recognizes the importance of cultivating a tourism industry that represents a wide variety of individuals at all levels, celebrating the broad range of human differences among us, while embracing the commonalities we share.

Our association is committed to transforming destination communities through thought leadership, best practices and tools based on equity, diversity and inclusion principles through an anti-racist lens that empowers our members, so their destinations are true reflections of their communities.

Through meaningful collaboration, Destinations International will lead and engage strategic planning and programmatic development initiatives and opportunities to enable structural social change for the benefit our member’s communities focused on 5 core priorities: self awareness and personal investment; education and awareness; community engagement; workforce development; and branding and promotion. 

2021 EDI Strategy Roadmap
Destinations International is committed to implement Equity, Diversity and Inclusion strategies and best practices and promise to work with our members and industry leaders to be the catalyst for change.

Programs and Tools

McKinsey & Company researched the financial impact of diversity of companies across industries.
The EDI committee represents over 100 members that have volunteered their time, expertise and guidance to drive and shape our EDI strategy.
Download this resource to understand why board diversity is a must at destination organizations.
Investing in the future generation of destination experts by celebrating 30 individuals under the age of 30.
Post-graduate program to help create a culturally progressive and socially reflective tourism industry.
Browse the Career Center for the latest professional opportunities for employers and job-seekers.