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We believe in the many benefits of travel and tourism as well as the resilience of our industry. Education and preparation are key to the safety and security of public health during this pandemic.

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Jack Johnson, Chief Advocacy Officer, has spent the pandemic reflecting on the long-term impacts of COVID-19 on the destination organization industry.

When you are overwhelmed -- with all expectations and responsibilities placed on you -- the most important thing is to stop and try to get some clarity.
Normal is usual, it is average, it is typical, it is predictable. What we are going through today is not normal.
In these times of scarce resources, there will be many difficult situations. If you make the commitment, the decisions that need to be made will be easy.
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United States Payroll Protection Program Resources
The United States is implementing the PPP program this spring. We've worked with our industry partners to prepare resources for U.S. destination organizations applying for PPP relief.
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Crisis Communications Handbook

This handbook was engineered by communications experts to be a tool to educate and prepare your team for a potential but inevitable crisis in your destination.

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