Hone Long-Term Strategy Using Our Reporting Platforms

<span>Hone Long-Term Strategy Using Our Reporting Platforms</span>

By: Stephanie Auslander, Destinations International

As we say goodbye to 2021, we want to bring our reporting platforms, which are complimentary to our destination organization members, to the surface. Now is a perfect time for members to review the previous year and gather relevant organizational financial data. As a member of Destinations International, our reporting platforms can help you gain strategic insight and develop long-term strategies. As the previous financial year ends and another begins, we recommend you utilize this time to fill out the Destination Organization Performance Reporting Platform and Compensation and Benefits Study. Members can access these tools through the Research tab on the website.  

Upon logging in to the Destination Organization Performance Reporting Platform, users can input their data into a collection worksheet utilizing the most recent financial information for their organization. Included is a guide which answers common questions about utilizing the platform, including time metrics for completion. This platform allows organizations to gain insight into their peers and develop improved processes. New additions to the platform include several key metrics such as diversity & inclusion, reworked funding models, and a section focusing on destination metrics.  

The Compensation and Benefits Study is also complimentary for members and allows organizations to analyze current trends as it relates to compensation trends across the industry. Users input data as it relates to insurance, compensation, position title, and benefits packages. Results of these data sets allow members to make human capital decisions, analyze compensation across positions and identify areas for improvement. Trends can be analyzed across geographical location, size, department and position. Results from the platform can be shown in either data set formatting or graph style presentation for a clearer picture of the trends. Also included on the platform side is a guide for destination organization members who are using it for the first time. Members utilizing this platform will be able to provide adequate insurance and benefits as it relates to their peers in the industry. 

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