Site Visit Planning

Site Visit Planning

Working with a Destination Organization on destination selection and event planning site visits puts the Event Strategist’s needs top of mind and provides a better experience for all stakeholders. The end result is a happier Event Strategist, a sense of fulfillment for attendees and beneficial information for the Destination Organization on what the destination is doing well and what can be improved.  

Destination Selection Site Visits
Selecting the right destination for an event is one of the most important keys to its success, and the destination selection site visit is an invaluable part of that process, as it allows the Destination Organization to address the Event Strategist’s questions and needs. 
  • Including the Destination Organization upfront extends your planning team without stretching the budget. With free services from destination experts, you can identify the best assets the destination has to offer. 
  • Working with the Destination Organization before finalizing the site itinerary creates a mutual understanding of what success looks like to everyone involved. By sharing your site goals, the Destination Organization can create an itinerary that meets and exceeds your expectations. 
  • During the destination selection site visit, the Destination Organization can give you an understanding of what projects and other events are planned in the destination and other factors that could impact your meeting. 
  • Helping the Destination Organization understand the needs of your attendees on a deeper level allows the destination to connect you with providers that can assess those needs, create solutions and make a truly accessible space for all.
Event Planning Site Visits

The event planning site visit is also a critical part of event success.

  • After the destination has been selected, the Event Strategist’s relationship with the Destination Organization takes a new form. The destination’s Services Manager will become the “boots on the ground” extension of your team, providing useful resources and making the planning process easier, more efficient and more cost-effective. 
  • Taking the time to sit down with the Services Manager during the event planning site visit provides an opportunity to identify which services offered line up with the needs of your event.
  • To keep a pulse on ever-changing destination variables, having deeper conversations on-site with the Service Manager helps you stay ahead of any changes and make adjustments if needed. 
Site Visit Planning + Attendance Driving + the RFP of the Future
  • Using your RFP as an opportunity to set destination selection site visit expectations helps the Destination Organization clearly understand the number of sites anticipated, who will be in attendance and the major decision factors. This way, the destination can best budget and plan for your arrival.
  • Articulating to the Destination Organization during the destination selection site visit what safety and security look like to your attendees and how the destination can support education and marketing helps ensure a safe experience for all and drive attendance.
  • Outlining the needs of your attendees and working with the Services Manager helps create solutions that meet attendee needs to create a sense of belonging for all

Case Studies

Learn how destinations prioritize key initiatives to show business Event Strategists maximum value during the planning process.



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