Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Assessment Tool

The first ever equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) assessment tool designed for destination organizations to understand how EDI has been incorporated into operational practices as a basis to improve and integrate performance.  

Destinations will have the opportunity to assess workplace dynamics, operations and policies, vendor selection, community engagement, and accessibility-related strategies.  

Reporting features offer leading practices, median and best practice averages, and filters to anonymously compare your destination to other peers by budget, geography, tourism asset, sports division, and FTE count.

Our assessment will evaluate your data alongside industry data to determine your organization’s trajectory and performance as it relates to equity, diversity and inclusion.
The capacity to compare your responses to a similar competitive selection with the ability to narrow down data based upon operating budget, FTE, region, and more.
As part of the results, you will be able to see your organization’s results, against the median industry range and a best practices range. Leading practices are provided with every...
EDI Research & Case Studies

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EDI Assessment Pricing

Each reporting tier is priced to inform, support, and accommodate destination organizations of all geographic and budgetary sizes.

Best practices guidelines according to industry standards
Organizational scoring analysis across EDI verticals including comparison to the industry median for each category
Detailed comparison of your organization's responses across all EDI assessment questions within each category
Filter your results to see how your organization compares alongside a set of peer destinations
75-minute one-on-one consultation with the Destinations International Chief Diversity Officer*