A Guide to Using the Catalyst Report

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<span>A Guide to Using the Catalyst Report</span>
Bottom Line:

The "Destination Promotion: A Catalyst for Community Vitality" report unlocks the power of destination promotion, revealing its impact beyond tourism to drive community vitality. Use this guide to navigate its key insights.

Welcome to your toolkit for unlocking the transformative potential of destination promotion! This guide will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to leverage the findings of the Destination Promotion: A Catalyst for Community Vitality report and propel your community towards thriving. 

Who is the report for?

The Destination Promotion: A Catalyst for Community Vitality report is designed for anyone invested in the well-being of their community, including: 

Destination organizations: Gain insights into your work's true impact and craft messaging that resonates with stakeholders.

Community leaders and policymakers: Understand the multifaceted benefits of tourism and collaborate with destination organizations for shared goals.

Businesses and residents: Appreciate the role tourism plays in your community's vitality and engage in collaborative efforts.

Researchers and students: Gain valuable data and perspectives on the role of destination promotion in community development.

Media: Learn the importance of destination organizations within their community and the power that destination promotion has on a community's brand.  

How to use the report:

1. Dive into the report: Download the full report and explore the key findings summarized in the Executive Summary. There, you’ll find a quick overview of the research, the main findings, and an understanding of the broader benefits of destination promotion.

2. Utilize the data: Explore the report's data and charts to strengthen your understanding and identify key takeaways for your community. Dedicated sections offer focused analyses and relevant findings, whether interested in economic impact, quality of life, or talent attraction.

3. Explore best practices: The report features 10 real-world examples of destinations leveraging promotion for various community goals. Identify initiatives that resonate with your context and learn from their successes.

4. Explore the Community Vitality Wheel: The Community Vitality Wheel showcases how destination marketing initiatives influence various aspects like resident well-being, talent attraction, and economic growth. 

5. Take action: Use the report's findings to: 

  • Craft compelling narratives that highlight the broad impact of destination promotion.
  • Develop data-driven arguments for increased investment in your destination organization.
  • Initiate collaborations with partners across business, government, and the community.
  • Create and evaluate programs that align with the report's key insights. 

6. Connect with further resources: Access additional resources on the report's website, including downloadable materials, presentations, and tools to guide your destination marketing efforts.

Remember: Destination promotion is not just about attracting visitors; it's about cultivating a vibrant community where everyone thrives. This report empowers you to champion this transformative force and unlock your community's true potential.

Let's turn the wheel of community vitality together. 

About the Author

Andreas Weissenborn

Vice President of Research and Advocacy
Destinations International

Introduced to the world of destination organizations by a random internship application to Visit Baltimore (then known as Baltimore Area Convention & Visitors Association), Andreas Weissenborn began an unexpected career into hospitality that left him with a continued passion towards the tourism industry.

Weissenborn spent just short of 11 years with Visit Baltimore helping with its Research, Technology, and Information Systems across the organization. In 2017, he joined the Association on behalf of a Destinations International Foundation initiative to be a dedicated research source for Destinations International.

As part of his responsibilities, include supporting our core advocacy and research initiatives such as the community shared value, the tourism lexicon, the event impact calculator, and various reporting platforms, and our belief of destination promotion being a common good for the greater good.

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