Advocacy in the Southeast

Episode 20

Today’s conversation takes a deeper dive into one of the largest regional demographics of our membership of destination organizations, the Southeast corner of the United States.

Destinations International understands we can’t always be everywhere and we try to work with regional and community entities that geographically represent these highly clustered areas of destination organizations. And for good reason: even though we are seeing more and more advocacy issues across state/province and international lines, we can still see highly concentrated and visible issues that can manifest in these regions based upon history, geography, and demographics.

No one knows this better than the Southeast Tourism Society, an entity whose responsibility includes empowering a diverse network of tourism professionals through education, advocacy, recognition, and networking for the Southeast. I’m excited to bring Monica Smith, president and CEO of Southeast Tourism Society onto the show to talk a little bit about what keeps her up at night. Monica, welcome to the show!

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