The Great Foundation Challenge

The Destinations International Foundation is the "incubator" of new things for our sector. It is our industry’s "think tank." The body of experts supplies advice, ideas, and approaches to specific issues. The group works to process ideas, research a topic, analyze a strategy, or create an agenda.

The Destinations International Foundation Annual Challenge program is our way of bringing these concepts to life. This year’s challenge started in April when we kicked off months of discussions, research, brainstorming, and explorations on two identified topics: addressing violent crime in our destinations and the need for a community indicator. Using our committees and task forces, our Online Community, and our meetings and summits, we reached out to a wide range of people.

Our second phase will take place at the Annual Convention in Toronto, Canada where we will bring 30 experts from our destination organization and business partner leaders along with 30 emerging leaders from the 30 Under 30 program for a deep dive on the two topics.


Andreas Weissenborn headshot
Andreas Weissenborn
Vice President, Research & Advocacy
Destinations International
Jack Johnson headshot
Jack Johnson
Chief Advocacy Officer
Destinations International

The Architects of Destination Advocacy Podcast is a part of the Destination Marketing Podcast Network. It is hosted by Andreas Weissenborn and Jack Johnson and produced by the team at Relic. 


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