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Event Impact Calculator

Ready to sign on for the industry standard of calculating the economic impact of your events? Destination organizations are invited to license one or multiple calculator modules at an annual rate determined by the organization's annual operating budget.


Currently, the Event Impact Calculator is available for destinations in the following countries:

  • United States
  • Switzerland
  • Poland
  • Canada (Now accepting orders)

If you're interested in developing a Calculator for your country, please contact Elaine Rosquist at [email protected].

Subscription Rates

Annual fees for licensing one or more modules follow the rate structure below, based on the organization's annual operating budget.

Organization Budget Annual License Fee
Meetings Sports Festivals Meetings + 1 Module All Three Modules
Less than US$ 3M US$ 2,900 US$ 2,300 US$ 2,300 US$ 3,900 US$ 5,800
US$ 3M - US$ 6M US$ 4,000 US$ 2,400 US$ 2,400 US $5,400 US $7,900
US$ 6M - US$ 10M US$ 5,800 US$ 3,500 US$ 3,500 US$ 7,500 US$ 10,400
More than US$ 10M US$7,500 US$4,000 US$4,000 US$7,500 US$13,300

For questions about the Event Impact Calculator, please contact Elaine Rosquist at [email protected].

Order Instructions

Ready to subscribe? Follow the instructions below to begin the subscription process.

1. Complete the order form and license agreement below.

2. Complete the taxes and assessments form online.

3. Once both forms have been received, you will be contacted by a member of Destinations International's Product Engagement Team. Subscriptions go live on a monthly basis.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Elaine Rosquist at [email protected].