Eight Significant Issues & Strategic Opportunities for 2022

By: Alyssa Poulin, Destinations International 

Seasoned Destinations International members will be familiar with our four cornerstones which support the important work we do: Community, Advocacy, Research and Education.  

Now, as we ring in the New Year (and as Destination International’s Senior Manager of Advocacy & Research Content) I am proud to present this year’s Significant Issues and Strategic Opportunities. 

These eight themes, four industry-focused and four globally-focused, will weave a consistent thread throughout the content we craft for you this year. As we have learned all too well, there is a sweet spot of strategically planning and leaving enough wiggle room to adapt to new issues as they crest and fall. And, by presenting themes at the front end of 2022, we hope you will view them as a syllabus for what you can expect to gain from our team this year. 

Industry Significant Issues and Strategic Opportunities

The four Industry Significant Issues and Strategic Opportunities will prompt us to determine how we will respond to the strategic opportunities each of these industry-specific concerns presents to us at our destination organizations 

Community Alignment 

Content and education in this area will center around the myriad ways destinations can increase their competitiveness by aligning government, community and industry priorities. We will cover the importance of destination organizations acting as the community brand manager to promote the community as a destination to live, work and visit. We will highlight methods and case studies for Becoming a Community Shared Value.  

Destination Stewardship 

In three buckets, this theme is about Economic, Environmental and Societal Sustainability. Content in this area will offer your organization opportunities to curate more immersive destination experiences, manage sustainable visitor growth, promote equitable economic development, preserve and improve the environment, and elevate quality of life, leading to quality of place. 

Value Based Action 

To improve your destination’s overall visitor experience, you must familiarize yourself with what your local communities value and how your residents are striving to achieve their collective goals. How can your destination go beyond just being known to being known for something? Here, we’ll prioritize aligning the values of our industry with the values of your constituents so you can most effectively promote the creative, cultural, and community energy unique to your destination.  

Organizational Resilience 

Content in this theme will help you build your organization’s resilience so it can withstand global disruptions like the COVID-19 pandemic and emerge stronger with an engaged workforce, increased community presence and a larger visitor market share.   

Globally Significant Issues and Strategic Opportunities

Our next four Significant Issues and Strategic Opportunities take a global view of issues impacting our world and ask us to consider how we, at our destination organizations, might move the needle in answering four universal problems that affect the landscape beyond the confines of our industry 

If you have been following current events alongside the rest of us, these four themes have been seeping into your consciousness for some time now. This year as we all respond to these issues, our team offers the research and support you need to  influence the likelihood of your organization’s success.