Approved CE Activities

The following are examples of approved CE activities: 

  • Attendance at travel and tourism industry-related workshops, seminars, courses, conferences and live teleconferences/cyberconferences/webinars (these programs do not need to be sponsored/produced by Destinations International).
  • Travel and tourism industry-related college or university courses
    • 15 CE credits per earned college semester credit
    • 14 CE credits per earned college trimester credit
    • 10 CE credits per earned college quarter credit
    • Examples:
      • A three-credit semester course would earn 45 CE credits.
      • A two-credit quarter course would earn 20 CE credits.​
  • Serving as a lecturer or speaker at travel and tourism industry-related workshops, seminars and college/university courses
    • One credit for up to three hours of lecture or speaking
    • Two credits for 4-8 hours of lecture/speaking
    • Four credits for lecture/speaking over 8 hours
  • Publication of authored articles on travel and tourism industry-related topic areas (not restricted to Destinations International publications)
    • Two credits will be given for each article or chapter on travel/tourism industry-related topics written by the applicant
    • Four credits for publication of a book
  • Volunteering on Destinations International or other travel and tourism industry-related organization committees
    • Two credits will be given per year for service as a volunteer officer of an association or professional society, or for volunteer service as a chair or vice chair of a committee, section, or special interest group
  • Completion of an independent/self-study course (with a method of evaluation or certificate of completion) in a travel/tourism industry-related topic area
  • Ten (10) CE credits for the successful completion of another travel and tourism industry-related certification or licensure examination 

  • Coaching/mentoring - certificants providing and/or receiving mentoring or coaching specifically focused on the travel and tourism industry and representative of the content administered in the CDME program, for a minimum of 10 hours, can qualify for up to 10 credits toward recertification: 
    • 0-9 hours = 2 CE credits
    • 10 hours = 5 CE credits
    • 12 hours = 6 CE credits
    • 14 hours = 7 CE credits
    • 16 hours = 8 CE credits
    • 18 hours = 9 CE credits
    • 20 hours = 10 CE credits
  • Professional career development coursework, examples:
    • Leadership
    • Conflict management
    • Communication
    • Urban development
    • Equity, diversity, and inclusion
      • Ten (10) credits will be given for the successful completion of Destinations International's Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Masterclass

Activities Not Approved for CE Credit

The following are examples of CE activities that are not approved for CDME recertification: 

  • Organizational products and/or sales-specific, marketing or business development presentations
  • Fundamental, introductory or exam prep courses in travel/tourism industry-related topic areas
  • Personal career development topics not specific to the travel/tourism industry
  • Previously attended CDME Core Courses
  • Previously attended CDME Elective Courses

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