CDME Recertification

Earning a credential is a long-term commitment to yourself and your career. Recertification is the process of renewing your certification through ongoing learning and professional development activities.

Continuing education will help you stay relevant as the profession evolves grows. Your credential is a significant competitive advantage and you’ll want to maintain it.

CDME certification is valid for four (4) years.  A CDME must earn and report a total of 40 continuing education (CE) credits within every four-year recertification cycle to maintain the CDME credential.

Educational programs do not need to be produced by Destinations International to qualify for CE credits. It is the responsibility of each CDME to maintain records documenting qualified credits earned. Destinations International reserves the right to audit that documentation. Any reported credits that cannot be verified during an audit process will be disqualified. A program agenda or a letter signed and dated by the program sponsor/ provider is acceptable documentation. Records of documentation should be retained for two (2) full years after completion of each four-year recertification cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions Recertification Form

2021 Annual Convention & Summits

CDME recertification credits are available for both in-person and virtual attendees of the 2021 Annual Convention and pre-convention summits.

Approved CE Activities

The following are examples of approved CE activities:

  • Attendance at travel and tourism industry-related workshops, seminars, courses, conferences and live teleconferences/cyberconferences/webinars (these programs do not need to be sponsored/produced by Destinations International)
    • Attendance at a Destinations International webinar is eligible for one (1) CE credit.
  • Travel and tourism industry-related college or university courses
    • 15 CE credits per earned college semester credit
    • 14 CE credits per earned college trimester credit
    • 10 CE credits per earned college quarter credit
    • Examples:
      • A three-credit semester course would earn 45 CE credits.
      • A two-credit quarter course would earn 20 CE credits.
  • Serving as a lecturer or speaker at travel and tourism industry-related workshops, seminars and college/university courses
    • 1 credit for up to three hours of lecture or speaking
    • Two credits for 4-8 hours of lecture/speaking
    • Four credits for lecture/speaking over 8 hours
  • Publication of authored articles on travel and tourism industry-related topic areas (not restricted to Destinations International publications)
    • Two credits will be given for each article, chapter, on travel/tourism industry-related topics that the applicant writes
    • Four credits for publication of a book
  • Volunteering on Destinations International or other travel and tourism industry-related organization committees
    • Two credits will be given per year for service as a volunteer officer of an association or professional society, or for volunteer service as chair or vice chair of a committee, section, or special interest group
  • Completion of an independent/self-study course (with a method of evaluation or certificate of completion) in a travel/tourism industry-related topic area
  • Successful completion of another travel and tourism industry-related certification or licensure examination
  • Coaching/mentoring - certificants providing and/or receiving mentoring or coaching specifically focused on the travel and tourism industry and representative of the content administered in the CDME program, for a minimum of 10 hours can qualify for up to 10 credits toward renewal:
    • ​0-9 hours = 0 CE credits
    • 10 hours = 5 CE credits
    • 12 hours = 6 CE credits
    • 14 hours = 7 CE credits
    • 16 hours = 8 CE credits
    • 18 hours = 9 CE credits
    • 20 hours = 10 CE credits
  • Professional career development coursework, examples:
    • Leadership
    • Conflict management
    • Communication
    • Urban development
    • Equity, diversity and inclusion
      • Ten (10) credits will be given for the successful completion of Destinations International's Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Masterclass.

Activities Not Approved for CE Credit

The following are examples of CE activities that are not approved:

  • Organizational products and/or sales-specific, marketing or business development presentations
  • Fundamental, introductory or exam prep courses in travel/tourism industry-related topic areas
  • Personal career development topics not specific to the travel/tourism industry
  • Previously attended CDME Core Courses
  • Previously attended CDME Elective Courses


For assistance or more information, please contact:

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