The Importance of Board Leadership


By Dave Herrell, Visit Quad Cities

I will start with a question. How do you want to leave a legacy and make a meaningful impact with an organization and industry that you deeply care for and want to see continually succeed? To me, the answer is a simple one. You serve, you commit, and you lead. 

Destinations International continues to create significant value for people that are bonded together by a sense of community and lifelong learning. And Destinations International is one of the most important global enterprises poised and strategically positioned to do more for destinations around the world. Friends, we are fortunate to be members of an organization that “gets it” and is strengthening our industry every single day. A big debt of gratitude to the amazing Destinations International team and to the volunteer leaders making a difference. 

Currently, I have the privilege of serving on the Governance & Nominating Committee. This is a thoughtful and thoroughly engaged team led by Al Hutchinson & Butch Spyridon. The discussions we have are all rooted in fortifying Destinations International’s future leadership. This helps us all. 

Leaders must have empathy, energy, grit, and vision and the Destinations International Association Board and Foundation Board are incredible opportunities to serve. I would strongly encourage you to put some thought into these opportunities, connect with our colleagues, and pursue. Now is the time as our bench gets deepened. 

March and early April are a special time of the year due to March Madness. The teams that survive and advance represent small, medium, and large schools. And on those teams, they have stars, unsung heroes, some rebound well and are relentless on D, others rain threes or are up tempo but they are all different. Unique backgrounds, skill sets, and yet all are determined to achieve their goals and win. 

This is what makes serving and volunteering for one of the Destinations International boards unique. The perspectives that each destination leader can bring to the conversation is important and provides value. We all know that Destinations International has a bright future ahead, but we must all continue to develop our pipeline and always want the ball in our hands. 

Nominations are due by April 8, so we are on the clock. 

Thank you,

Dave Herrell
President and CEO
Visit Quad Cities