John Moritz

Manager, Meetings & Events
Destinations International

John Moritz is dedicated to crafting unforgettable experiences that resonate on a profound level. Diving into the events industry in 2016, he found his calling and hasn't looked back since. His journey began in sports events but has since spanned both the association and corporate realms, showcasing a diverse and comprehensive understanding of the industry.

In late 2023, John embraced a new chapter as the Manager, Meetings and Events at Destinations International (DI). His role is infused with a commitment to bringing creativity and passion into every facet of event management. Prior to his role at DI, John thrived as a Meetings and Events Planner at the National Veterinary Associates (NVA), orchestrating 12–15 in-person well-being programs and contributing to company-wide national meetings. His global perspective was honed as a Global Meetings and Events Planner for Scrum Alliance, where he played a vital role in organizing educational conferences across North America and Europe.

Based in Denver, Colorado, John has been an active member of PCMA Rocky Mountain Chapter since 2019 and has previously served as a Board Member for the chapter. A graduate of Regis University in Denver, he originally hails from Elkhorn, Nebraska. John brings a wealth of experience, a passion for unique event experiences, and a dedication to fostering professional growth within the industry.