DestinationNEXT Practice Handbook

This handbook is the beginning of a community of practices intended to improve destination strength and community support and engagement by: 

  • Providing a forum for destination organizations and other stakeholders to help each other solve every day problems
  • Collecting and sharing practices from around the world, including the rationale, approach and outcomes from that practice
  • Ensuring practices are current, while anticipating what may come or is on the horizon
  • Providing a platform where destination organizations from all regions, of all sizes and mandates, will find value
  • Encouraging perspectives on practices that are outside the traditional tourism community, such as academia, non-tourism corporate interests and public officials

Click here to download the DNEXT Practice Handbook.


To learn more about how your destination can utilize a DestinationNEXT assessment, contact Kathleen Frankford, Chief Marketing Officer for NEXTFactor Enterprises at [email protected].

For other research and advocacy information, contact Jack Johnson, Chief Advocacy Officer at [email protected].