Tips on Eating Healthy While Traveling

By Kellie Henderson, VP, SearchWide

We’ve all done it. Our intentions were good when we planned on eating right and exercising while preparing for an upcoming meeting, convention or business trip. However, once the receptions, buffets and dinners show up, all of your plans are tossed out of the window! 

Below are a few tips on eating healthy while traveling. 

Start your day off right: Eat a healthy breakfast. Eating healthy will give you the energy needed to kick start your day.  While at the buffet, look for oatmeal, fruit and protein (eggs and lean meat).  Most coffee shops also offer oatmeal.  Skip the baked goods such as muffins and pastries!

Pack your snacks: Try this mixture to stave away cravings during the day. This snack packs easily in your bag and is high in protein:

1 Tablespoon each (6.5 grams protein):

  • Almonds
  • Pistachio nuts
  • Sunflower seeds,
  • Walnuts
  • Raisins
  • Chocolate chips

Other travel friendly non-perishable foods include: Almond butter packs, snack sized hummus & pretzels and snack sized tuna & cracker kits,.

Protein with every meal: According to, protein aids in reducing cravings and helps to maintain a healthy weight. See the link for more benefits that are backed by science. 

Simply eat real food: While making food choices while traveling, try and stay away from refined foods such as chips, muffins, cakes, cookies and crackers. Opt for whole foods like salads, vegetable based dishes, baked potatoes, meat and fish. Choose foods that are not heavily processed.

According to Healthline, refined carbs may contribute to diabetes, heart disease and other health issues. 

Monitor those drinks: Sugary drinks can pack on calories throughout the day.  Try unsweetened tea, seltzer water with lime and when it comes to alcohol, many cocktails can pack up to 500 calories.  Try a light beer or lower calorie low sugar drink such as vodka with club soda.

Move your body: Set a goal to exercise daily. Go for a walk, hit the gym or take time out to meditate and recharge your mind and body.  As little as 20 minutes can provide the needed energy boost and keep you charged. (Popsugar: 2 Important Reasons to Move 20 Minutes a Day)

Remember while traveling, eating properly does not mean you have to sacrifice taste or nutrition. With the right planning and mindset, you can enjoy your trip without packing on the pounds.  

About Kellie Henderson:

kellie_hendersonKellie works in all sectors of the hospitality, travel and tourism industry at Searchwide, a full service executive recruitment firm primarily for companies in the travel, tourism, hospitality, convention, trade association, venue management and experiential marketing industries. She is an expert at recognizing clients’ needs and identifying best-in-class talent. She is also the leader of Searchwide's industrywide diversity initiative and is very involved in several industry organizations.