DMO Group Sales Channel Impact Study

Understand the impact that destination organizations make to drive group room nights to a destination.

The DMO Group Sales Channel Impact Study quantifies the total number of group room nights influenced by the destination organization channel in the U.S. This report provides clear and measurable data points to advocate for the role of destination organizations in impacting the U.S. convention and meetings market, based on three key measures:

  1. Booked room nights in each year from 2009-2012 for future events
  2. Occurred room nights in 2009-2012 for events happening in each of these years
  3. Number of events (both booked and occurred) in 2009-2012

This study was updated in 2015 to quantify more recently booked and occurred room nights. Read more here.

Download the report. (PDF)

About the Study

The analysis performed by Tourism Economics is based on a massive collection of data from 116 DMOs representing three-quarters of the total U.S. market. An econometric model was developed to project this significant sample to the remaining markets.