Canadian DMO Marketing Activities Study


Understand how destination organizations in Canada allocated and deployed their marketing budgets in 2013.

The 2013 Canadian DMO Marketing Activities Study focuses on marketing budgets, strategies and initiatives. The goal of this study is to provide Canadian DMOs with a unique and invaluable informational resource to guide their marketing, budgeting and planning. The report covers the following key areas and themes:

  1. Budgets
  2. How budgets are deployed
  3. Traditional and digital marketing mediums and initiatives
  4. International marketing efforts
  5. Current and future website applications and integration
  6. Mobile websites and destination apps

Download the full report. (PDF)

About the Survey

In February 2013, an online survey was sent to 125 Canadian DMO marketing executives. A total of 22 DMOs responded (representing $193.2 million in total budgets combined) for an 18% response rate.