The Eye of the Hurricane

At the start of 2022, Destinations International outlined 8 strategic issues and opportunities for the sector and around the world in our next normal. The 8th issue we outlined was climate change and the many climate crises many of our destination organizations find themselves in. For some, this might be a recent or new challenge they are facing but for many of our coastal destinations, this has always been part of the gig and have been doing their diligence to prepare, prepare, and prepare.

At the time of this recording, we are currently watching Hurricane Nicole enter the coast of Florida, which is only weeks from the prior hurricane of Ian. I thought it was time to bring on an architect to help describe what it’s like being at the center of major natural disaster and the role a destination organization can play. Please welcome to the show, Sergio Piedra, Director of Community Engagement & Advocacy for Discover the Palm Beaches.

Episode 14


Sergio Piedra

Director of Community Engagement & Advocacy, Discover the Palm Beaches

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