A Catalyst for Community Vitality - Part 3

Episode 28

Welcome to the last of our special 3-part podcast episode arc around the release of our brand-new research study, Destination Promotion: A Catalyst for Community Vitality. This report emphasizes the pivotal role of destination organizations in shaping the economic and cultural landscape of communities that go beyond the realms of traditional tourism.

Our discussion today will unravel how these organizations act as catalysts for a broad spectrum of economic benefits on behalf of research and analysis provided by Tourism Economics, Longwoods International, Clarity of Place, and MMGY NextFactor.

We want this episode to share perspectives on how destination promotion not only enhances visitor experiences but significantly contributes to the overall economic prosperity, quality of life, and cultural richness of communities which foster economic growth, cultural development, and community well-being.

Join me in welcoming one of those destinations from the study as well as one of the research partners who helped work on the project. Welcome to the Show Adam Sacks, President of Tourism Economics and Barry White, CEO of Chattanooga Tourism Company.

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