Our Inclusion Focused Services

We offer a variety of affordable services tailored to create meaningful impact through a welcoming and belonging lens.

Our services are designed for members of all geographies and budget categories. We incorporate and emphasize the importance of human connection and mental health and wellness while providing practical ways to empathize with people across with different perspectives, abilities, and identities. All listed services and sessions can be facilitated remotely or in person. 

Organizational Assessments – Our team will take the time to understand the needs of your organization prior to developing a tailored plan. Assessments begin with a team survey that asks questions about company culture, exposure to people from different backgrounds, and team perspectives on community engagement. We also evaluate internal and external practices associated with staff, the community, and visitors.  Findings from these assessments are used to develop a 3-year roadmap dedicated to welcoming people of all backgrounds and abilities.  

Facilitated Dialogues – These powerful dialogues are designed to encourage idea sharing, collaboration, and innovative thinking within teams, community partners, advisory boards, and board leadership. Outcomes from these dialogues have resulted in the development of a welcoming and belonging statement, creation of a short-term community action plan, and the active engagement of underrepresented communities.

Training and Workshops – All interactive sessions are curated to meet our member needs and are designed to leave each person inspired to learn more and take action with thoughtful intention. Industry specific data or examples are integrated into all our programming.  

Board Diversity – Our team can work with board members and liaisons on topics related to board diversification, awareness training, and how to create more welcoming environments for the community and visitors.  A needs assessment can also be conducted to provide guidance on how to develop/strengthen diverse community representation and to identify areas of growth and opportunity.

Niche Programing and Other Custom Needs – Our team recognizes that the needs of our members differ in many ways – we are here to support those topics in a manner that considers the complexities of a situation that take the long-term goals into account while establishing actionable items to act upon in the short term.  

In addition to our services, we are working on a variety of toolkits, education, certificate programs, and templates that will be available to you as soon as they are curated.  

We are also happy to refer you to trusted partners who specialize in a variety of niche topics ranging from accessibility assessments to multicultural marketing strategies.