The Night the Funding Ran Out

For this series, we wanted to tell the story of usual and unusual suspects in our sector's history and key advocacy moments for them. We intend for these stories to tell the tale in full, containing both joy and triumph or crisis and disappointment. Each month we will be joined by a guest to tell their role in a key moment in their destination’s history. For our inaugural episode, we are talking to the original architect of advocacy, Jack Johnson. Please join us in this conversation as we talk through the night the funding ran out.


Andreas Weissenborn headshot
Andreas Weissenborn
Vice President, Research & Advocacy
Destinations International
Jack Johnson headshot
Jack Johnson
Chief Advocacy Officer
Destinations International

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The Architects of Destination Advocacy Podcast is a part of the Destination Marketing Podcast Network. It is hosted by Andreas Weissenborn and Jack Johnson and produced by the team at Relic. 


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About the Author

Andreas WeissenbornVice President of Research and AdvocacyDestinations International

About the Author

Introduced to the industry by a random internship application to Visit Baltimore, Andreas began an unexpected career that left him with a continued passion towards tourism. He leads the research and advocacy efforts of the entire organization with an eye towards developing data-driven tools to help destinations around the world tell their story.

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