Meetings and Groups Database


The Meetings Information Network (MINT+) database is a shared repository of information on organizations and their meetings and events. Prospect intelligently for group business, armed with valuable information about historical meeting details and future bookings, as reported by yourself and fellow destination organizations.

With over 150,000 meeting histories, 175,000 planner profiles, and 160,000 organizations, the MINT+ database is the most comprehensive collection of group business information available to destination organizations.

And, because participating destinations regularly contribute bookings and histories of their clients, you can be assured that your prospects are familiar with CVBs and destination organizations, and the value we add to the meeting planning process.

The future of MINT+ ....

In 2018 and 2019, the Destinations International team went through an extensive review and audit of the suite of products offered to Destinations International members.

Through the leadership and guidance of our Board of Directors and Convention Sales and Services Committee, Destinations International and Simpleview announced a joint venture to build the next generation of MINT+, a powerful industry solution that will serve as the world’s largest meetings history database.

The product will continue to be a tool of Destinations International and the two organizations will work together to reimagine and reengineer the product in 2020.

This new tool will take the best of MINT+ and add powerful new features including:

  • New machine learning functionality to help organize and augment data from external data sources, regardless of the format.
  • Reduced manual entry with completely new data sources that will be integrated while streamlining the data intake process.
  • Artificial intelligence technology that will do the work of searching and curating leads for subscribers.

New powerful segmentation that will organize and lead score opportunities, elevating the quality of the data.

This joint venture will reinforce Destinations International’s core focus of education, research and advocacy and further enable the association to deliver on its mission to help destination organizations excel. It will also help to develop a powerful industry tool to ensure the success of CVBs within the business and events industry. Read the full announcement here.

We've recently added to MINT+

Since partnering with Simpleview, we have been at work creating a more powerful MINT+, including the following enhancements:

  • The system has a whole new look, designed for usability and better navigation.
  • We have added more detailed user tracking to improve workflows and user engagement.
  • There is more robust data, with new fields added to thousands of existing records.
  • The CRM integration has been streamlined, with new “Bookmarked Organizations” and “Bookmarked Meetings” features added for efficient data import.

What will we do to continue to evolve the MINT+ database?

To support the business development needs of our CVB members, Destinations International and Simpleview, will engage with CVBs and other industry partners to re-engineer the MINT+ database:

  • With the support of the Governance Committee, Steering Committee, the Convention Sales and Services Committee and MINT+ Super User Group, we will manage the curation of the data to streamline data collection and improve data input efficiency to increase the overall data in MINT+. 
  • We will secure additional third-party and industry partner support to continue to improve data accuracy and business intelligence.
  • We will implement a seamless data entry process through CRM-based entry to deliver efficiency and increase subscriber participation.
  • We will source customer data from additional key markets, emphasizing new verticals like the Sports and Corporate segments.
  • We will develop a multifaceted business development approach for our members with MINT+ to build the best prospecting tool to become THE business development tool for subscribers.

Overnight Room Demand Analyzer

How many rooms does an event really use? Gain a better understanding of rooms being booked outside the block with this complimentary tool through the MINT+ database.

How are we working with CBIS to enhance the MINT+ database?

  • The MINT+ platform has been a valued Destinations International tool for many years. The platform has evolved based on the industry’s needs including, engaging our external partner, Columbia Books Information Systems (CBIS), to support increasing data accuracy and the overall number of accounts.
  • Since 2017, CBIS has reviewed over 84,000 organizations, researched over 360,000 contacts, and added over 66,000 contacts and 126,000 meetings to MINT+.
  • In 2018, CBIS reviewed 26,002 organizations, researched 100,801 contacts, and added 13,495 contacts and 22,421 meetings to MINT+. 
  • In 2019, CBIS has reviewed 25,536 organizations, researched over 103,600 contacts, and added over 9,000 contacts and 19,000 meetings to MINT+. In 2019 CBIS has also added 1,589 organizations to MINT+.
  • To date in 2020, CBIS has reviewed 8,804 organizations, researched over 40,500 contacts, and added over 3,000 contacts and 7,500 meetings to MINT+.

Protect Our Shared Resource

As the old saying goes, “garbage in, garbage out.” MINT+ can only be as valuable as the data we provide. Dedicated and consistent contribution of information is the foundation for your individual sales efforts and builds our industry’s reputation for booking quality business for our hotel partners and stakeholders.

MINT+ subscribers pledge to help maintain this valuable database so that it provides maximum benefits for all who use it. Participating subscribers regularly add data on all meetings that:

  • Use 25 or more rooms on a peak night,
  • Are held on a repeating, regularly scheduled basis, and
  • Rotate within at least one state or province.
Data. Verified.

The MINT database is now enhanced with services provided by Columbia Books (CBIS). After an initial cleanse of over 93,000 contacts, CBIS now supports you with ongoing verification of existing contact records and new contact, meeting and organization information.