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Membership Dues 2022-2023

United States Pricing Canada Pricing

Organization Budget Dues Amount
< US$150,000 US$640
US$150,001 - US$250,000 US$960
US$250,001 - US$500,000 US$1,390
US$500,001 - US$1,000,000 US$1,600
US$1,000,001 - US$2,000,000 US$3,190
US$2,000,001 - US$3,000,000 US$4,780
US$3,000,001 - US$5,000,000 US$7,010
US$5,000,001 - US$10,000,000 US$9,560
US$10,000,001 - US$15,000,000 US$12,210
US$15,000,001 - US$20,000,000 US$15,390
US$20,000,001 - US$30,000,000 US$20,700
US$30,000,001 - US$50,000,000 US$26,530
US$50,000,001 - US$100,000,000 US$34,500
US$100,000,001+ US$42,450
Organization Budget Dues Amount
< C$150,000 C$480
C$150,001 - C$250,000 C$720
C$250,001 - C$500,000 C$1,040
C$500,001 - C$1,000,000 C$1,200
C$1,000,001 - C$2,000,000 C$2,400
C$2,000,001 - C$3,000,000 C$3,590
C$3,000,001 - C$5,000,000 C$5,250
C$5,000,001 - C$10,000,000 C$7,170
C$10,000,001 - C$15,000,000 C$9,160
C$15,000,001 - C$20,000,000 C$11,550
C$20,000,001 - C$30,000,000 C$15,520
C$30,000,001 - C$50,000,000 C$19,900
C$50,000,001 - C$100,000,000 C$25,880
C$100,000,001+ C$31,840

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