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Get the Most Out of Your Destinations International Membership

We want to ensure you have full access to the network of people, ideas, products and services your investment in Destinations International affords you. Let us show you how to connect with your peers, find the latest industry research and take advantage of continuous learning face-to-face or online. In this brief but comprehensive webinar, you will learn how to gain access to all Destinations International has to offer.

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Our online community allows member destination professionals to connect, engage and learn from each other. The Member Forum brings you together in an industry community by department or topic. Join us for a quick introductory tour of our Member Forum!

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Small Destination Organization Webinar Series

Destination organizations with budgets of less than $2 million represent over a third of Destinations International’s membership and are critical to our industry's continued success. We would like to invite you to join us monthly to connect on topics suggested by you as important, thought leadership from industry voices, and pertinent news from Destinations International, all without the time or expense of leaving your office!

Upcoming Webinar: The New Tourism Lexicon
Why the Worlds We Use to Communicate Our Value Matter

Our industry has changed drastically over the past decade, and it’s time for the way we talk about our industry to change as well. If we are going to be successful in changing the narrative surrounding our industry, it starts with a values-based approach. This is especially important when small destinations talk to their stakeholders to convey their value.  We can all adopt language that is simple and emotional, and will connect stakeholder values specifically to our organizations. 

Topics include:

  • Why we must adopt a new tourism vocabulary
  • Replacing dollars and cents ROI messaging with a values-based appeal
  • How to better connect with stakeholders in a meaningful way and communicate the importance of our destination organizations

Presenter: Jack Johnson, Chief Advocacy Officer & Foundation Executive Director, Destinations International

Maximize Your Destinations International Business Membership

We want to ensure you have full access to the network of people, ideas, and service your Destinations International business membership affords you.  Let us show you how to connect with our destination organization members, find the latest industry research, or take advantage of continuous learning.  We provide the resources to fuel your destination partnerships and individual success.  In this brief, but comprehensive webinar you will learn about:

  • Individual Member Profile & Account Profile Description
  • Destinations International Communications
  • Member Directories & Buyers Guide 
  • Website Familiarization Tour & Member Forum Introduction
  • And How to Get the Most from Exhibiting at our Annual Convention


Terri Roberts, Membership Engagement and Training Manager, Destinations International


  • Kate Skidmore, Senior Director of Membership Engagement, Destinations International
  • Nina Winston, EVP, Global Development and Strategic Alliances, Destinations International
  • Yvonne, Pearson, Manager of Strategic Alliances, Destinations International 
  • Christine Frye, Director of Sales, NTP Events

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