Join the Destinations International House Band

At our 2019 Annual Convention in St. Louis, thanks to the leadership of Adam Sacks with Tourism Economics and Gregg Shapiro with Tempest, Destinations International unveiled our House Band with numerous industry leaders who have musical talents and enjoy rocking out. This year, the band plans to reconvene during our virtual 2020 Annual Convention. Due to the challenges COVID-19, the house band has rallied members from around the world to put together yet another great set of songs to help our industry get through these challenging times with a smile. 

 We invite you to join our Destinations International House Band. To join the virtual auditions, please submit a YouTube audition video by June 15, 2020. 

Additionally this year, we are asking for your help in writing the lyrics of our industry. We invite you to submit new travel-inspired lyrics to popular house band songs for the Destinations International House Band to consider playing at the virtual concert.