Annual Investment Campaign

Growing resources needed for the industry

Invest in the future of the industry today

The Destinations International Foundation is launching its Annual Investment Campaign to invest in destination organizations and their work to strengthen the communities you serve. The Foundation has set forth a three-year strategy to support its vision to be the center of research and innovation for the travel and tourism industry and destination organizations globally.

With your support, the Foundation will invest $5 million in three key areas:

Advocacy and Research: $3,100,000

Becoming a Community Shared value is the acknowledgement that the civic and political ground on which we stand has shifted. Now, we need to understand it. As budgets will always be limited, it is key that destination organizations position themselves are a common good. Utilizing a new lexicon, advocacy resources, research and industry knowledge, the Destinations International Foundation will continue to produce groundbreaking research and products for you and your destination organization.

Talent Development: $1,250,000

As we forge ahead, we look on how we must remain relevant through our workforce, through continuing education, development of new professionals, recruiting and retaining those in the top of their fields. The Foundation is dedicated to empowering destination organizations globally and is collaborating with the work the association has already done to expand our workforce programs, as the destination organization industry needs an interconnected set of solutions to meet future employment needs and ensure success. Our industry is people based and investing in them must be mandatory. Building education and networking options, developing career paths and academic programs, fostering mentoring and peer support, and generating industry changes to culture, attitudes, and to people’s potential will all positively influence a destination organizations future.

Global Exchange and Engagement: $650,000

Travel is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing economic sectors, contributing to 9% of the global GDP and accounts for one in eleven jobs worldwide. It is an economic sector that represents our interconnected world like few others do.  To accomplish the mission of empowering their members so that their destinations excel, Destinations International must understand the global trends and threats to the destination organization industry. To compete and succeed, individual destination organizations, no matter their size or location, must learn, understand and engage with their peers and competitors across the globe.

Suggested giving levels

The Destinations International Foundation's goal is to have all of our members participate in the Annual Investment campaign at any level. Whether you are able to give more or less, it is our hope you will join those who have already pledged by supporting at the amount that best suits your organization.

  • $75,000 over three years or $25,000 a year with a budget of $100,000,001 and higher
  • $60,000 over three years or $20,000 a year with a budget of $30,000,001 - $100,000,000
  • $45,000 over three years or $15,000 a year with a budget of $10,000,001 - $30,000,000
  • $18,000 over three years or $6,000 a year with a budget of $5,000,001 - $10,000,000
  • $9,000 over three years or $3,000 a year with a budget of $5,000,000 and under

Campaign Leadership

John Groh
Annual Investment Campaign Chair
President & CEO, Rockford Area Convention and Visitors Bureau

Keith Backsen
Destination Organizations Giving Co-Chair
Executive Director, Visit Omaha

Vail Ross
Corporate Giving Co-Chair
SVP Global Business Development and Marketing, STR

Ryan George
Corporate Giving Co-Chair
Founder and CEO, Simpleview

John Percy
Special Events Co-Chair
President & CEO, Destinations Niagara, USA

Why give?

Because we can make a difference! Through support from destination organizations you are inspiring exploration, training new talent and encouraging the exchange of ideas. Your gift has a real impact on the future of our industry, whether it is  scholarship or innovation. As we see the role of destinations organizations being questioned, it has never been more important to make your pledge to ensure our place locally, nationally and globally.

The Destinations International Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering destinations globally by providing education, research, advocacy and workforce development.