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Event Cancellation Insurance

Contracting an event can be a stressful and time-consuming process for both the Event Strategist and the host destination, and the last thing anyone wants is unforeseen circumstances forcing a meeting or convention cancellation.

There’s no normal, and cancellations to events of all sizes can happen for a variety of reasons, from natural disasters and inclement weather to unexpected societal events or shifts in the political climate—all of which can result in significant financial losses for both parties.

Risks like these may be out of the host destination’s control, but the Event Strategist and the Destination Organization must be prepared for them. The partnership between these two has never been more vital, and understanding the importance of event cancellation insurance is critical to helping protect both from any losses and ensuring peace of mind.

Event Cancellation Program

Destinations International has partnered with Gallagher, a global insurance brokerage and risk advisory firm and market leader in the hospitality and entertainment industries, to develop an Event Cancellation Program designed for Destination Organizations that are DI members and their clients. The bespoke program was developed with input from DI members to fit the needs of the convention and meeting planner industry and is 100% customizable based on the event and destination factors, allowing a mix and match of coverages. The event cancellation coverage and risk management policy options protect budgeted costs, expenses and revenue should an event be canceled or disrupted due to the risks outlined below.

"I think the customizable aspect of this coverage is very notable. The changes we’ve seen over the last 10+ years have taught us that not every event is the same and not every destination is the same, so having the opportunity in today’s climate to be able to understand the options in this space is something that’s truly exceptional." 

Senior Director of Education, Sales and Services
Destinations International

Risk Coverage Types

Several of these policies did not exist a couple of years ago, and these policies evolve based on what’s happening in the world today. 

Adverse Weather

  • This involves natural disasters and inclement weather—including rain, wind, lightning, thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes and wildfires—that prevent your event from going forward.


  • This can be the act, threat or fear of domestic and foreign terrorism. 


  • This is when a keynote speaker, CEO or performer pivotal to the event does not appear due to death, accident, illness or travel delay.

Civil Commotion

  • This would be when you cannot get into the event venue, or the city or state says you cannot come in and host your event, due to civil commotion, which can be prompted by social unrest or the election cycle.

National Mourning

  • This involves anything the nation would shut down and mourn over. 

Active Shooter

  • This can go along with terrorism in terms of act, threat or fear of an active shooter on the premises or around the event venue or word that there could be one. 

Cyber Breach

  • This is when something major comes up that impacts your computer systems that you need to operate your event. 

Public Sentiment & Reputational Protection

  • The definition of this reputational coverage is the loss of lives or injuries to multiple people within a certain radius of the event venue, typically within seven days of an event. 
  • The definition can change. It can be based on the state or miles—from 100 to 250.


  • This can be an actual war or the threat of a war.

What Event Strategists Should Consider

When working with the host destination, the Event Strategist needs to consider several questions about how the Destination Organization is using the tool offered by Destinations International and Gallagher. 

  • Is the Destination Organization a DI member who can provide you with access to purchasing this customized product?
  • What education and information about if/when/how to use the product do you need to have a conversation with the host destination about? 
  • Consider the time of year and what is going on leading up to and during your event, such as weather patterns, legislative sessions or election cycles.
  • Assess the financial losses that could be incurred to protect the balance sheet. 
  • Is the destination taking out coverage for the organization?

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