EIC Order Form and License Agreement

Subscription Rates

Annual fees for licensing one or more modules follow the rate structure below, based on the organization's annual operating budget.

Organization Budget Annual License Fee
Meetings Sports Festivals Meetings + 1 Module All Three Modules
Less than US$ 3M US$ 2,990 US$ 2,370 US$ 2,370 US$ 4,020 US$ 5,975
US$ 3M - US$ 6M US$ 4,120 US$ 2,990 US$ 2,990 US$ 5,565 US$ 8,140
US$ 6M - US$ 10M US$ 5,975 US$ 3,605 US$ 3,605 US$ 7,725 US$ 10,715
More than US$ 10M US$ 7,725 US$ 4,120 US$ 4,120 US$ 10,095 US$ 13,700

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Order Form

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