CDME Final Exam & Graduation

Destinations International recognizes CDME graduates as those professionals who have completed all CDME program requirements. Once all courses and core papers are complete, follow these steps to graduate:

  1. Complete and submit graduation request form to [email protected]
  2. Complete and submit the final exam

The candidate has earned the CDME credential once all final exam assignments are accepted by the review committee. Each year, a graduation ceremony occurs at the Annual Convention and all graduates are invited to participate. To participate in the graduation ceremony, the following is required:

  • Submit the final exam by April 30 of the same year.
  • Complete any exam revisions by provided deadlines.
  • Register for the Annual Convention. You must be registered for the Annual Convention in order to participate in any associated CDME activities.


For assistance or more information, please contact:

Rori Ferensic headshot
Rori Ferensic
Senior Vice President of Education
[email protected]
Taylor Ruoff headshot
Taylor Ruoff
Education & Certification Manager
[email protected]