We are a Grassroots Organization and We Need your Help in 2023

<span>We are a Grassroots Organization and We Need your Help in 2023 </span>

By: Andreas Weissenborn, Destinations International

“We solve our sector’s problems through a ground-up approach and value your work through our committees and taskforces.” 

This past week in our most recent Bi-Weekly Update from Don Welsh are the open applications for our 2023 committees and taskforces. Committees and taskforces are what help shape and define much of the work and leadership that occurs within Destinations International. Much of the output from us has come from either being sourced by the committees or helping us refine or field-test ideas and initiatives before they are rolled out to the larger membership base. They also serve as a general litmus test of the sector and often guide us on our path to drive service and support back to the membership. As one of the staff liaisons for our committees, let me share why it’s so important for you and your staff to engage with us through committee work. 

Networking at Every Stage in your Career 

Committees are open to every individual who is a member of Destinations International, from those just beginning their career to seasoned professionals. Committees offer the ability to interact with many layers of a destination organization and grow your contact list of contemporaries who might be working on the same problem as you or even provide a solution, case study, or anecdote. Committees can also cross different job verticals, allowing your network to grow beyond your own core job duties. 

Collaboration for Big Initiatives 

Many of our existing tools, toolkits, best practices, and guidance come from the committees. Event Impact Calculator (EIC), Destination Booking Agreements, Community Share Values Roadmap, PR/Comms Handbook, Equity Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Assessment Tool and more were sourced or built in conjunction with the input and work from our committees. These connections allow us to tap into the collective of the thought leadership of the membership to produce solutions for and by the membership. Future participation in our committees and taskforces ensures we continue to build and define new tools and solutions for destination organizations. 

You’re Not Alone 

Liaising one of our more vocal groups with the advocacy committee, time and time again I see a member share their perspective on an issue or dilemma in their community thinking they are alone in their efforts, only for other committee members to chime in to discuss or even provide solutions. While the problems of our sector can feel unique at the time, often another destination or leader can help provide perspective or empathy to what you are going through.  

Societal Shifts Requires Engagement  

Our sector has been through a rough patch these past few years, but we continually see on the horizon new issues we will have to tackle. Affordable housing, climate change and sustainability, crime and safety, travel bans and boycotts; the list might feel endless, but our collaboration must remain steadfast for us to overcome. Being at the table is the first step with engagement and we encourage everyone to pull up a chair. We know we are web of unique destinations across the globe but, together, we are a consortium of active, insightful, and engaged community connections that can tackle the next normal and beyond. 

To learn more about the current committees and task forces accepting applications, please click here to read descriptions and submit your application to serve during the 2023 board governance year. The deadline for application is Monday, October 31, 2022. All committee appointments for 2023 service will be made and communicated to committee members by December 16, 2022. Should you have any questions, please contact Chelsea Welter, senior vice president of governance and administration, at [email protected]. We look forward to working alongside you to better serve our industry. Thank you for your commitment!